Sean Patrick Fannon (Vice President) has been developing  roleplaying/interactive fiction games (for both tabletop and electronic formats) for more than 30 years. During this time, he’s worked with the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) as an Events Coordinator; DriveThruRPG as Marketing and  Communications Director; and dozens of publishing companies as a consultant and freelancer. He is also the founder and president of Evil Beagle Games.

“Big Irish,” as he is frequently called in gaming circles, started his “career” as a Game Master in the late 70s. Generally believed to be the first Dungeon Master in Cobb County, GA, Sean discovered Dungeons & Dragons in middle school by reading an article about this brand new gaming experience in a magazine in the school library. One trip to a trendy mall store with his mom later, he introduced the local neighborhood kids to a fantastic, epic world of his own creation… and he’s never stopped.

After a couple of years at the United States Military Academy (West Point), Sean decided on a new path. Though he took on many “pay the bill” jobs (security, airline services, landscaping, even a stint as a Deputy Sheriff back in Cobb County), Sean began seriously writing for tabletop game publications in the mid-80s. His big break came with his first products for the Champions superhero RPG, followed by a long and illustrious career writing and designing as a freelancer for many well-known companies in this field.

Because of his notable extrovert nature, Sean also became involved in many of the marketing, communications, and promotional aspects of the games industry. In every company for which he did significant work, he also provided extensive help in selling their wares, whether through the burgeoning world of social media (his first promotional work of that type was on the brand-new America Online) or face-to-face events at conventions, where he ran demos for as many people as possible and conceived promotional events, often right on-the-spot.

“Big Irish” never stopped running games, nor did he ever cease creating worlds for them. He is an expert in crafting fictional spaces, believability in the experience, and shepherding both new and experienced participants through roleplaying and related activities. To this day, he runs multiple campaigns over many days of the week – such is his passion for the craft. Sean is also famous in the tabletop RPG community for his “Big Epic Games,” activities that have included dozens of players at a time engaging in multiple activities, all directed to a shared goal (all for fun, promotion, and usually to support a charity).

Whether with a small team or a room full of people, Sean is exactly the person you want up in front, getting the experience set up, explained, and underway. He has no social fear, an abiding passion for the craft of facilitating the kinds of activities we specialize in, and decades of practical experience to serve your specific needs.



Michael Surbrook (Senior Designer & Facilitator) started developing content role-playing games in 1998. With over 50 tabletop RPG products to his name, Michael Surbrook’s 20+ years as a designer and writer make him one of the most prolific content creators on the Liminal Operations team.

He is also a highly-trained and successful technical writer and documentarian, having worked for Drupal Connect (as the Lead Quality Control Engineer and Technical Writer) for over five years. More recently, he’s done contract work in this area for such companies as Stikky Media, North Studio, and Professional Case Management. Michael’s education includes study of Computer Science & Web Development at Howard Community College and Applied Arts & Design at the Community College of Baltimore County.

Michael is a fantastic game master, weaving impressive mental imagery and narrative into any facilitated experience and creating significant buy-in and immersion among his audience. He is nicknamed “The Professor” among the LO team due to his encyclopedic knowledge of countless areas of interest (including history and science). Michael is currently the Chief Operations Officer and a prolific creator for Evil Beagle Games.


Jennifer Shinefeld (Director of Operations) is a decades-long member of the local gaming and LARP communities, Jennifer is also one of the leading ballet instructors in the region with over 25 years of experience. Certified by the Royal Academy of Dance in 1998, she went on to obtain her Cecchetti Council of America Advanced Certification in 2010. She is a highly sought-after instructor for both younger students and those wishing to advance their teaching credentials, and she is frequently requested to travel to other states and to provide instruction via Internet venues.

Jennifer graduated Colorado University with BAs in English Literature and Philosophy. She was the Literary Director for the award-winning Progenitor, the literary magazine of Arapahoe Community College.

Jennifer’s role in Liminal Operations draws on both her keen intellect and her significant organizational and leadership skills. She is referred to by her teammates as “Maven,” a nickname connoting her unique capacity for matching skill sets to tasks and managing timetables to get things done. She is also tagged to be one of the lead facilitators in field exercises, tapping into her fearless public speaking capabilities and her mastery of interactive gameplay and social dynamics.


Cory Williamsen (Director of Project Management & Systems Analysis) is not only an expert of many decades in the Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) and tabletop gaming fields, he’s a well-educated and trained Project Manager and Systems Analyst. With a focus on software development and system design implementation, Williamsen is driven to use technology to benefit all stakeholders in any project.

Cory graduated DeVry Institute with a 4.0 GPA and honors (including Dean’s List, CACCS Student of the Year, and other recognitions), where he attained a BS in Computer Information Systems. He has certifications pending in PMI Certified Associate Project Management and ITIL Foundation.

A lifelong member of the Colorado gaming community, Cory chose to give back in a big way by founding the Rocky Mountain Benefit Gamers Association (DBA Airmid Events), of which he is the CEO and President. He is also the Organized Play Facilitator and a developer for Evil Beagle Games.



Eric Fielder (Artistic Director) has extensive experience in both traditional and digital art, as well as creative writing, table-top roleplaying game design, and computer game design — their area of expertise is with RPGMaker VX ACE and MV, and with GameMaker Studio. They are a certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and certified in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animate/Flash. A portfolio of their work can be found at UnKanny Creations.

They are currently training in Unity, Blender, C#, Java, Python, and pixel art/animation. In addition, they are designing a full RPG system (currently titled “Horizon d20 System”), with three planned games using the system: “Stardust”, a space western; “Legends of Thoss”, a fantasy game; and “Operation: Hollow Point”, a cyberpunk game, based on their game “Operation: Angel Wire”, which was created in RPG Maker VX Ace (a demo of which is available on their portfolio).