Liminal Operations is an organizational consultancy that provides professional immersive interactive experiences and other services meant to test competencies and strategies while building trust and confidence for personnel.

Our services include organizational game design and high-level execution; operational plan and strategy testing; small-team tabletop game execution and analysis; interactive testing methodology instruction; and professional facilitation using game design techniques.

Liminal Operations also develops extensive intellectual properties within the professional game space and related fields, as well as patent-able methodologies. The company develops extensive data from all of the above to provide valuable analysis of 21st century business and organizational practices. 

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Liminal Operations offers the following: 

  • Immersive Interactive Exercises (IIEs, also known as organizational gaming) 
  • Small Team Tabletop Exercises (STTEs) 
  • Neutral Discourse Facilitation 
  • Organizational Gaming/Wargame Design Courses 
  • Problem & Scenario Design Services 
  • Methodology Consultation 
  • Corporate Team Building Exercises & Events 
  • Public Speaking Engagements