How do you forecast, prepare, and test for the unexpected?  Through immersive and interactive multi-day Immersive Interactive Exercises (IIEs, traditionally called wargames in the common parlance of the previous century), Liminal Operations will help you stress-test strategies, challenge teams, identify problems, and conceptualize futures in realistic, dynamic, but risk-free environments.  From scenario-based discussions to full-scale simulated environments, we allow you to explore the possibilities of failure and success in a safe yet challenging classroom environment, before you face unforgiving consequences.


Exercises to Engineer Value

In this era of technology-driven business, as you examine digital transformation and the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on your organization, do you have a clear sense of how to combine your ideas, strategy, and execution? We conduct a thorough investigation of your entire structure, applying expertise from an extensive array of disciplines. We show you how to improve collaboration; encourage prudent risks while managing ambiguities effectively; empower decision making at all levels; add value actually desired by your customers and clients; and much more.

Exercises to Build Teams

As organizations attempt to create desired futures, Exercises can be used to develop, implement, and measure plan and procedure effectiveness, and to evaluate organizational performance.  We craft timely, relevant, and demanding immersive and interactive scenarios for your staff to solve, allowing you to discover issues, ideas, and opportunities while honing your organizational skillsets.

Exercises to Test Strategies

Immersive Interactive Exercises test decisions against thinking opponents under uncertain conditions. Whether through future scenario planning or move-countermove activities, IIEs generate theories and hypotheses about what the future might look like and how to react. Our Exercises do not prove specific solutions, but rather provide plausible outcomes.

Exercises to Gain Trust

Our methods leverage liminality, the mental threshold through which Immersive Interactive Exercises become real to the participants.  Overcoming liminal challenges forges interpersonal bonds as strong as those formed in stressful, real-world environments. Our Exercises may be risk-free, but the challenge, insights, and trust built during shared achievements are real.