We help leaders build teams that respond well to crises by developing trust, talent, and experience through conflict simulations.

Responding poorly to a crisis can compromise reputations, assets, profitability, and even lives.

We run conflict simulations called Immersive Interactive Exercises (IIEs) to test your organizational processes and prepare your team for crises in a controlled environment. 

Because the first time you respond to a crisis shouldn’t be an actual crisis.

4 Key Benefits of Working with Liminal Ops:


Anticipate contingencies and crises so you can respond to them effectively or avoid them outright.


Empower decision-making at all levels, improve collaboration, encourage prudent risks, and manage ambiguities effectively.


Have greater assurance that your people will be able to act decisively and think flexibly, whatever the stakes.


Pivot sooner and more effectively so you don't exhaust all your funds in the wrong places.

Working with us is easy:

1) Free Consult and Proposal

In our first meeting, we’ll dial in on your needs, objectives, timeline, and project scope. We’ll follow up with a tailored proposal within 3 – 5 business days.

2) Immersive Interactive Exercise (IIE)

Liminal Ops conducts a tailored Immersive Interaction Exercise (a.k.a. “war game” or conflict simulation) with your team. IIEs typically last 1/2 day to 3 days.

3) Debriefing and Integration

In this candid but generally praise-focused step, we decompress emotionally, capture best practices, explore mistakes and lessons learned, and focus on clear action items. You get an after-action report with practical insights, plus structured follow up to help you get off the runway.

Too many teams and organizations fail to develop their best attributes because they’re reacting to things that are “urgent” or unanticipated. We’ve seen and experienced it directly, working in the corporate world, academia, and the military. It’s exasperating. 

But at Liminal Operations, we also know that if you have talent and character, there’s no reason to be resigned to this. We have a century of cumulative experience conducting crisis simulations in military, academic, and corporate settings–as well as commercial gaming. We know how it feels to work on a high-trust team that’s agile, empowered, and creative. It delivers all the things you want as a leader. That’s our jam. 

We help leaders build teams that respond well to crises by developing trust, talent, and experience through immersive simulations.


Curt Bear

Founder, LoCo Think Tank

“Pigeon shared a very useful and informative presentation on crisis wargaming for our Virtual Business Collaboration webinar series during the early weeks of the Covid crisis. Attendees were small business owners, both members and friends of LoCo Think Tank (our small business peer advisory organization) and were in a phase of emerging and pivoting as necessary to ensure survival. We’re thankful for his willingness to share knowledge of his special area of expertise – it’s obviously a field in which he has strong understanding.”

Dr. Brooke Mitchell

Fellow, GW Nuclear Security Working Group
Lead, AFGSC Global-Near Peer Competition program

“Any organization or individual that is serious about wargaming would be fortunate, when afforded the opportunity, to collaborate with Dr. James “Pigeon” Fielder. Dr. Fielder is an advanced scholar of wargaming theory and practice. He is a forerunner in the field. His enthusiasm about wargaming is contagious. Dr. Fielder’s impartation of knowledge and experience benefits his audience or client in providing both impact and influence for U.S. national security.”

Megan Anderson

Accelerated Business Consulting

“Pigeon is a wonderful communicator with a very direct and engaging manner of presenting. He was able to take the highly complex concept of wargaming and boiled it down to components which are understandable and useful for any business audience. I highly recommend James to any organization seeking unique ways to determine new courses of actions and possible outcomes for those actions in a fun and engaging way.”